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Copper Roofs: All of your Questions Answered

Roof replacements are expensive. Metal roofs last a lot longer than traditional roofs. The material used for a metal roof also makes a difference. Copper is among the best metals to use for a roof. Copper roofs provide superior protection from the weather and resist corrosion.

How Appealing are Copper Roofs?

Copper roofs have an elegant curbside appeal. Copper roofs can be blended to create design styles that resemble asphalt roofing. The softness of the metal gives roofing architects the ability to shape copper panels to be installed on a variety of architectural structures.

Are Copper Roofs Durable?

The top advantage of a copper roof is its durability. Copper is a lifetime investment. With proper installation, you can inspect a copper roof to last for a lifetime. Copper is corrosion-resistant. It’s perfect for withstanding climates that receive a lot of precipitation. Copper gets better with age. The metal develops a protective film over time that adds to its durability.

Is a Copper Roof Hard to Maintain?

Because copper roofs self-preserve as they age, they require little to no maintenance. As with any metals, some cosmetic cleanup may be desired over time. These types of updates are up to preference, but generally do not have any impact on routine maintenance of a roof.

Copper has a natural antimicrobial quality that prevents corrosion. In addition, these qualities prevent fungus, mold, and other types of bacteria from growing on the metal. This is why copper roofs don’t require a lot of upkeep.

Copper is a lightweight metal and offers a lot of benefits compared to other metal roof products. Structures built with copper metal roofs are not burdened with as much weight as other metal roofs. In addition, the construction costs are less because the roof structural parts like trusses can be built with less thickness.

How Does Copper Roofing Respond to Hot Temperatures?

Copper roofs with a good design that are installed professionally will withstand the expansion and contracting that occurs with thermal movements. Copper roofs are best to manage extreme hot climates as well as cold environments. They require less ventilation which reduces construction costs.

A copper roof has a high heat threshold. This makes them resistant to fires and difficult to destroy if a fire breaks out. Copper roofs will usually be resistant to fires from nearby structures. This is an added benefit that helps prevent a house from catching fire.

How Much are Copper Roof Installations?

Copper roofing is dynamic. The malleability of the metal makes it the best metal to use for a variety of roofing architecture. This makes predicting the cost difficult. A roofing project should be quoted by the job due to a variety of factors that could change the quote. Copper roofing is no exception. In fact, copper roofing should never receive a quote without a proper estimate being conducted.

A copper roof installation may cost more than other metal roofing types but over time, the investment will pay for itself. While other roofs will need to be replaced after about 25 years, a copper roof will last for generations. The investment will surpass the lives of your grandkids.

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