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barrel roof

Barrel roofs are perfect for carports and covered walkways. They give superior protection against the elements and add architectural elegance to any home.

Bay Window

Cladding bay windows in metal or copper add a worry free roof for decades and are a nice way to accent any home. They add curb appeal, raising the value of the home without the need to do an entire roofing system.

Bell roof

There are many ways to cover a bell roof but nothing stands out more than cladding in copper. Not only does copper stand out but it lasts for centuries, giving a home owner something to be proud of while removing the need to ever do your roof again.


Chimneys are often the cause of many leaks and problems. The ability to completely seal the chimney not only removes worry from the home owner but assures the contents of the home are fully protected. Chimney caps and cupolas are also a great way to accent any house.

Copper roof

There is no material quite as stunning as copper. If you’re looking for a way to make your home stand out against the rest while proving a maintenance free roof that lasts centuries then copper is the #1 choice.


Overhangs are a great way to shed water away from your house or garage. They are also a stunning way to accent any part of a building, making your home stand out while providing maximum protection against the elements.


Siding can be made from a plethora of materials, though nothings lasts or provides as much protection as copper or metal. Picking the right materials for any job will ensure protection that lasts so you never have to worry about redoing your siding again.


Skylights are the cause of many home owners headaches when it comes to leaks. Thankfully one of the greatest benefits of copper is that it can be soldered, giving your homes roof a level of protection no other material can.


Soldering created an impermeable barrier in any copper roofing application that allows for a roof design where most other materials would certainly fail.


Turrets are a great way to accent almost any home, make sure you consider carefully what material to use in cladding it as the main reason for turrets is often to create an accent that stands above the rest.


Coping covers the tops of parapet and knee walls. One of the great things about using copper is being able to completely seal the joints using solder, which lasts as long as the copper and doesn’t break down like caulking.

Roof repairs

We try and repair a roof if possible rather than replacing. A simple roof repair can allow home owners to keep their homes protected for many years while reducing the costs to the customer.

Roof Maintenance

Not all roofs are able to operate maintenance free so we provide services to our customers so their roof lasts as long as possible without the need for replacing.

roof installation

VI COPPERSMITHS installs many different types of roofing applications. We have many years in the roofing industry and will provide our customers with the best solutions and applications for their specific needs.

Roof inspections

Have a roof leak? Or worried your roof may need work or a complete replacement? Call us today and book a roofing inspection to get an answer on your roofs condition and see whether a simple maintenance or roof repair can help or if it needs to be replaced.

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